Can't I go back to the free offer?


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    Hi 신종수,

    Thank you for your inquiry. We have kept you waiting, but the app had finally released yesterday. We'll be glad if you could try it with your windows too. 

    >1.Can't I go back to the free offer?

    We are sorry to say, but the free trial is only once, so you will be claimed after subscribing to another plan. Since the Panorama feature is on its way, could you be possible to continue with the plan?

    >2. When does panorama mode come out?

    The Panorama feature is in development, and will come out right after the "Views search" and "Smart scheduling". It's difficult to tell you the accurate date, but we are doing our best to release as quick as possible. Below will be our Road map. 

    Ask me if you are unsure of anything.



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