Sync Window 2 to App, Sensor not working, connecting to WiFI



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    Thank you for receiving Atmoph Window 2, let me answer to your questions below.

    > I reading things through this website there is a version 4 already.
    > It does not show day/date/calendar...
    Version 4 is for the original Atmoph Window, and the latest version for the Atmoph Window 2 will be 1.2.14.
    We will be updating the version frequently to be able to use all of the functions, so I'm glad if you can wait a little longer.

    > you are supposed to be able to utilize the sensor to make things happen and that does not work either. 
    I guess the sensor that you are mentioning is the proximity sensor that's mounted in the original Atmoph Window, which has been substituted by the physical buttons in the Atmoph Window 2.
    Atmoph Window 2 has the infrared sensor mounted, for controlling it via Atmoph remote controller.
    There has been a lot of changes between the models, and I apologize for making you confused.

    > it only shows the pre-installed views and nothing more
    To enjoy all of our views, you are kindly asked to join our subscription plan.

    If you have anything unsure, feel free to ask.


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    Don Cruz Datanagan

    How do you activate panoramic mode for the three screens?

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    Don Cruz Datanagan

    It doesn’t make sense that we are on a free trial that expires in 30 days when we aren’t able to use the panoramic feature for the three screens purchased. Please fix ASAP.

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    Chikako Kato (Atmoph)

    Hi Don Cruz Datanagan,

    Thank you for letting me know about your issue. Also, we’re truly sorry for making you confused. The feature of Panorama is still under developed and we’re going to add to this through the software update. As this is long-awaited feature for many backers, we’ll try to release it as soon as possible we could.

    For the Limitless plan, I agree with you and it seems not fair as you said. I share this within the team and we’ll think about it.


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